Lead poisoning

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hi mommies, mari kita berhati2 ngan Lead poisoning yang mungkin mengakibatkan kesan pada pertumbuhan dan pembelajaran anak2 kita..Take your time to read below article. Happy reading!

According to the National Safe Kids Coalition, an estimated 1.7 million children age five and under have lead levels in their blood high enough to affect their intelligence and development. The most common cause of lead poisoning among children is the ingestion of dust from deteriorating lead-based paint. More than 80 percent of publicly- and privately-owned housing units built before 1980 contain some lead-based paint. To limit your child's exposure to lead in the home:
*Always have your child wash his hands before meals, snacks, nap time and bedtime.
*Keep your child away from chipping, peeling and flaking paint.
*Keep the areas where your child plays as dust-free as possible.
*Do not allow your child to chew or suck on painted surfaces such as painted window sills, cribs, playpens, or old painted toys.
*Wash pacifiers often and pin them on a short ribbon to your child's shirt.
*Keep your child's clothes clean by changing them frequently.
*When playing inside, place a clean blanket on the floor or carpet for your baby to play on. (Always keep the same side up and wash often.)
*Wash toys and stuffed animals regularly.