Purchased Cloth diaper arrived!!~~

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

~Sukanya pakai CD baru~

One Size Cloth Diaper arrived today

Newly arrived
One Size Pocket Diaper Blueberry 1
One Size Pocket Diaper BUMGenius 2
One Size Pocket Diaper Happy Henny's 2

Last month purchased
One Size Pocket Diaper BUMGenius 1
M Size Fitted Diaper 1

Total--> Only 7 sets of Cloth Diapers (tarinaina...)

I will try to fully CDing my lil Sufia with this sets, eventho I don't know whether it is enough or not huhu...and I will update later if my mission successful...

Improvised Sweet Potato Recipe~~

Monday, July 28, 2008

Last weekend Sufia already 8 months old(time does fly)....So I was thinking to cook more 'ganas' homemade food recipe for her but yet onakaniyasashi...;). As per previous post, she's having problem during poo poo so I want to try some recipe using sweet potato based on my friend's recipe, Mummy Oja (Sweet Potato+EBM) and Mummy HH(Sweet Potato puree). Before this I tried to feed her with papaya and banana but seem like she didn't like it at all. As she like to eat 'nasi' so much, so being a bit creative I came out with ithis idea as per below porridge recipe:

Segenggam beras (enough for her needs eat 2 times per day)
2 inches of sweet potato (cut cube)
1 inche of carrot (cut cube)
small quantity of ikan bilis goreng (Some people said bilis is not good for babies but some people also feed their babies with bilis.For me sekali sekala maybe OK but I also not so sure..next time will replace with fish..)
2 helai sawi

Cook and blend! As easy as ABC. She love it so much!!
Get back from work today, my mom told me that she poo poo twice today. Waa..it does work!!
So maybe I will continue to feed her with various sweet potato recipes and monitor her poo poo problem condition. Hoping that it will become better... Thank you so much my friends for your great sweet potato recipe;)

Biting baby..Ouchh!!~~

Sufia muncung nak tido

If your baby's teeth come in while you are still breastfeeding, you may be bit while nursing. This can happen for a number of reasons: if he or she's biting early in the feeding, he or she might be over-eager or frustrated, waiting for your milk to let down. If he or she bites late in the feeding, he or she may be sleepy and feeling her latch slip. Your baby's latch may also be affected if he or she has a cold or stuffy nose, and he or she may bite while adjusting. And, of course, your baby may just mistake your nipple for a teething ring and try to relieve his or her sore gums.To stop your baby from biting while nursing, calmly and gently remove him or her from your breast and say "Don't bite Mommy" or "Don't hurt Mommy." Put him or her down gently or hand him or her to someone else and wait a minute or two before you try to nurse again. This teaches him or her that when he or she bites, the milk goes away. Repeat this as often as necessary. However, always remain calm if bitten - never scream or yell. Startling or yelling at your baby may form a bad association with breastfeeding and he or she may refuse to feed altogether. Early and sudden weaning can be traumatic for you and your baby.

Oooh baru harini tau, jangan jerit2 kalu kena gigit...kekadang kalu tak tahan siap picit hidung dia nak bagi dia lepaskan..kekeke... nasib baik kalu time ummi jerit2 tu Sufia gelak2 balik pastuh sambung je macam takde pape...Betuah betul!!Mmmmm korekara akan cuba menangani ngan penuh rasa kasih sayang dan lembut setiap kali kena gigit...Boleh ke agaknya..

Give me your opinion; Bottle or cup~~

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Syaura and Nurin minum susu

My eldest daughter Syaura is going to be 5 years old this year and already went to kindergarten for about 7 months... We consider her as quite big girl but she still drink her Dutch Lady 456 milk chocolate flavor using feeding bottle,like babies.. Frankly speaking I do not take it as serious matter at the first place and let her drink the milk using feeding bottle, but lately some uncomfortable voices started came to us here and there.

Some scenarios:
1) My auntie has a grandchild as same age as Syaura, came to our house and said"Eee.. dah besar2 pun minum ikut botol lagi.. Tengok Fina(her grandchild) dah minum ikut cawan.. Maknya memang dah ajar minum ikut cawan..Kan dah besar"

2) Neighbours came to our house and said, " Eh, Kakak Syaura dah sekolah pun minum ikut botol lagi ke? Kan dah besar.."

3) My QA Inspector said" Kak kenapa anak akak minum ikut botol lagi? Anak sedara saya dah tak minum susu dah..minum MILO ikut cawan je.."

Errk.. sometime not so nice to fight back..or actually they are right.. what I had been thinking is I still want her to consume a lot of milk as she refused to eat nasi(this problem I don't know why because we tried so many multivitamin brand but still not effective). Also milk contained a lot of nutrition ex. DHA, TT ratio, calcium etc. and I want her to consume it as long as possible. I'd tried to give her milk using cup but she refused to drink it. "Tak sedap!!" she said.

Hi visitors, do you have any opinion about this problem? Should I teach her to drink milk using cup or just let it be the way she like it..hmm...confuse!!

Kids able to read at early age~~

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cinderella story book

Just to share my experience here. Alhamdulillah my first daughter Syaura able to read at 4years 4months old(Malay version). Actually it is quite late compare to many other kids outside there who able to read at more younger age. Some already able to read at 2,3 years old. As for English version she able to read some words, while some not familiar one she will read as Bahasa melayu version. Very funny!!Example if she read CAT=kucing first time she will pronounce it as CAT=paint in bahasa melayu. Huhuhu... So this is the time that is very challenging for us as parents to teach her. What I did teach her to read as per below:

1) During long journey, (balik kampung etc.) I will buy paper and all the way long to destination I will take few minutes to spell and pronounce her the title of the news.

2) I bought her one set of books with colourful pic and writing and take one day 5 minutes to teach her. Actually, if I did it seriuosly maybe she will be able to read in english by now. but then as I was just "hangat hangat tahi ayam" the book wasn't help much.

3) When she was 6 months old I sent her to nursery, at the same time it was a "playschool" for her. Everyday she came back from nursery she sang new song and knew about alphabets and numbers. This "playschool" also help a lot I think. It same concept as "Education at younger age" that was advised by government to our child. But we also can do it at home by spending some time with our child do as the same as playschool. But as I am very "hardworking" I just let the "playschool" teach her.

4) Currently, she likes to read story book malay version. So I bought it for her and made a story book collection for her. She able to read "Cinderella" until the end. I hope by make a story books collection for her she will be motivated and will like to read more.

5) As now we want to teach her to read in english, we bought her a singing CD contained how to spell and read English words. She likes it.

Currently, we are looking forward to teach her to read in english so she will be able to read both in Malay and English. My conclusion is, it is not easy to be parent, and it is not easy to teach our kids huhu... Need to study more on how is the best way to educate them...

Fever @ 'bubbye'~~

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Asalnya dua hari lepas Sufia kena sembelit, susah betul dia nak poo poo.... Harituh try bagi betik lecek, baru dua sudu dah sembur2... try buat Apple puree recipe Mummy H&H.. , tiga empat sudu and then muntah..mmm... nampaknya Sufia memang minat betul makan nasi...(macam umminya masa mengandung bak kata Kak Etty hehehe...). Lepas dah buang air besar tu, malam tu badan Sufia hangat betul....Hisashiburini fever!! Alahai siannya Sufia susah nak yayak sampai demam...Dahla ada 'anak buah' kena denggi pada masa yang sama...cuak sungguh... tapi Alhamdulillah lepas dua hari, bagi paracetemol aje demam adik dah baik... Ureshi tak terkata... Balik dari kerja harini nenek cerita Sufia ligat betul. Berjalan dalam walker ke sana sini satu rumah.... and tambah akal satu lagi...Sufia dah pandai hayun tangan kalau kita sebut "bubbye''. Komain laju lagi menghayun tangan kalu kita sebut babai.....Huhuhu.... demam nak tambah akal rupanya....

Tapi camne pun risau betul ngan masalah peram poo poo Sufia ni.... Visitors, kalau ada apa2 petua nak mudahkan baby yayak share2 la ye... Thanks in advance..:)

Ya Allah selamatkan Nurul Ain~~

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ain (blue scarf) during her 21st birtday party

Everything happened too fast.... Aku tak sangka sama sekali.. Last week since hari Isnin lagi Ain my QA Inspector also one of my close friends MC..demam katanya... Hari Selasa pun sama... OKlah and then hari Rbu ain datang kerja isi form cuti, aku tanya Ain dah sihat ke? Dah OK ain jawab tapi nak gi klinik lagi.... tapi ain datang gak kerja... Hari Khamis tu last jumpa dia.. Pagi ain kerja macam biasa tapi tengok mata dia merah, menggigil2... bila suma orang suruh dia cuti dia kata dia takde apa2... "Kak Mimi, Ain dapat MC lagi Ain nak rehat half-day ye" "OKlah nanti ain tido kat surau yek..." Aku ingat lagi last word aku cakap ngan dia last week.... And then Isnin and siang tadi Ain tak dapat kerja lagi... Member satu grup Ain cakap Ain masuk ward, suma ingat dia cuma demam biasa.... Kebetulan ada member satu grup hantar baby gi Hospital Sultanah aminah hospital Ain warded tetiba dapat berita ain dah masuk ICU... Ya Allah! Suma orang terkejut... Aku and some friends terus bergegas melawat Ain kat HSA ICU ward... On the way, Kak Etty call. "Mimi Ain dah teruk, nada teresak2. Ain dah tak rupa macam Ain".. Aku terkejut..tak sangka sampai macam tu skali.. And then bila sampai we all take turn utk tengok dia... Ya Rabbi...berjurai air mata aku tengok condition dia.... Dah tak sedarkan diri... mata separa terbuka, penuh lendir kat kelopak mata, muka bengkak, penuh bintik2 merah kat muka...ada darah sikit kat bantal..wayar di sini sana....dalam tekak ada wayar maybe utk pernafasan.... ya Allah selamatkan Ain.." Ain sakit denggi berdarah.. Dah teruk dah makan kat hati, paru2.... Sepanjang kat hospital air mata tak berhenti..... Sebelum balik dari hospital aku masuk lagi skali jumpa Ain..." Ain, ni Kak Mimi...akak mintak maaf suma kesalahn akak, Ain cepat sembuh ye..suma kawan2 tunggu Ain" Aku nampak air mata bergenang kat kelopak mata dia... She hears me!! Terbayang keceriaan Ain kat tempat kerja..aku pun selalu marah dia as she quite nakal... Visitors or anyone who read this post, sama2lah doakan kesihatan ain... Semoga dia cepat sembuh...sesiapa yang melihat keadaan dia mesti akan menangis wlaupun tak kenal dia...

Some updates from friends who visited Ain yesterday:
1) Dua dua belah matanya dah ditutup dengan kapas...kesiannya..T_T
2) Leher kanan dan kiri ditebuk dimasukkan wayar..
3) Lidahnya pecah2...
4) Tapi doktor kata denggi dah menurun tapi athma pulak menyerang...At least some good news... Hopefully she will recover soon...

Alhamdulillah..berkat doa dari semua Ain dah sedarkan diri setelah koma selama 7 hari... Dia dah mula bercakap2 and ingat sesape yang melawat dia.. Tapi mungkin dia tak dapat menerima keadaan dia macam tu dia bangun terus meronta2 mintak dicabutkan semua wayar2 kat badan dia... Terima kasih kepada sesape yang telah mendoakan... Memang amik teladan betul ngan apa yang terjadi ni.. Selalu amik endah tak endah je ngan bahaya nyamuk aedes ni...

Berhati2lah dengan nyamuk aedes, pembunuh di dalam diam..

Syaura chan Miss Lefthanded~~

Friday, July 11, 2008

It is difficult to be a lefty!! Itulah apa yang sering aku perhatikan and dengar tentang lefthanded person.... Salah satu daripada anak aku dikurniakan kelebihan ini(Sufia belum tahu lagi).... Special sikit dari orang lain, Syaura chan lefthanded person. Biasanya rate dia dalam 10 orang seorang adalah kidal.... Minority!!Nak dijadikan cerita di dalam 'special' ni pada Syaura, aku and hubby as parents and maybe teacher Syaura ada sikit kepayahan kat Syaura ni

1) Kalau tengok handwriting dia selalu terbalik, tak kiralah nombor ataupun huruf... nombor 6 terbalik, B terbalik(maybe sebab dia cuba utk ikut cara right-handed person menulis).... Tapi bila we all try nak ajar dia, we all pulak terpaksa guna tangan kiri pulak nak tunjukkan cara menulis....but... tak boleh nak ikut lengkuk orang tangan kanan...kalu lapan tu kena pusing ke belakang dulu....perghh...payah...

2) Kesian kalau tengok dia nak menggunting benda....pakai tangan kiri payah pakai tangan kanan susah...last last nak gunting straight jadi benkang benkok...siannya Syaura...

3) Pernah sekali Syaura nak tolong umi bukak tin, konon2nya...yappari dame!!

Apa apapun sebagai parents aku and hubby kena banyak sabar nak ajar Syaura and semoga semua permasalahan ni cepat solve..Lagipun sekarang pun dah banyak tools untuk lefthanded person kat pasaran untuk memudahkan golongan minority ni...

Below some info of lefthanded person:
It can be difficult for left-handed children to learn to write if the teacher does not take the student's left-handedness into account. In fact, even in the later 20th century, some UK schools were discouraging children from writing with their left hand, often seriously affecting the child's development (Hansard 1998). When properly done, left-handed writing is a mirror image to that of the right-hander, making the teaching process confusing for the right-handed teacher of a left-handed student. The result is that many left-handed children learn to write with their hand curled around the pen so that it can meet the paper at the same angle as the right-hander, rather than simply tilt the paper the opposite way.[citation needed] Once this habit is formed, it is difficult to break.[citation needed] This curling of the hand results in the heel of the palm being placed behind the writing, forcing the writer to lift it off the paper and making the grip even more awkward. In addition, constantly lifting and replacing the hand over fresh ink often causes smudging, causing problems for many left-handed students, especially in exam situations. Ink is also rubbed on to the hand, causing an inky hand. When the left hand is held correctly, it is below the writing, as is typical for right-handers.
However, left-handed people who speak Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Hebrew or any other right to left language, do not have the same difficulties with writing. The right to left nature of these languages prevents left-handers from running their hand on the ink as happens with left to right languages. Still, due to these alphabets being developed for right-handed people, the characters are still often more easily matched to a right-handed profile.

Aktiviti menarik hari ini!!~~

Kak Etty
Kak Ton and me
Kak Yaz, Zura, Kak Kam

Selain daripada shopping, travelling, apa lagi aktiviti menarik kalu bukan makan2...hehehe... Title aktiviti 'Projek Hari Jumaat' sorang bawak satu lauk pi pulun makan kat store... Yang bestnya walaupun makan di celah2 kotak2 dan di atas kotak lauknya suma sedap!! Thanks tu suma contributors... Perghh kenyang sesangat!! mana tau satu hari aku tinggalkan tempat kerja aku nih nilah antara memori paling manis sekali...@!!hehehe..

Sambal kacang Kak Ton

kari Ayam Zura

Pulut, kuah durian kak Etty

Stock increasing and BPA free bottle~~

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Since Sufia already like to eat so much and she eat quite a lot everyday, my BM stock increasing. It seem like milk become number 2 to her. But it doesn't mean that I don't have to work hard during work time to pump for her. But the problem is it seem like I have to buy more container to store my milk stock. Previously I just store it in normal small baby feeding bottles but need to change to new bottle after every 6 months. Currently I am thinking to switch to BPA free bottle. Maybe I can keep the small bottle as the milk container and use 2 or 3 PBA free as feeding bottles to Sufia. Some famous brand, MAM, Dr. Brownie's a bit expensive than other baby milk bottle but of course safer to my baby.
Some info about how to handle BPA feeding bottles to make sure it is safe for our baby like below:

1) Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and sterilisation of the bottles.
Allow bottles to cool before removing from the steriliser.
2) Always check bottles for damage prior to each use.
a. Bottles must be discarded when they become grazed, scratched internally
or show any other signs of wear.
b. Bottles should not be used for more than 6 months, particularly if they are
heavily used
3) Do NOT fill bottles with boiling water. Water should be boiled then allowed to cool
slightly for no longer than 30 minutes before being added to the bottles.
4) Do not heat in the microwave as the liquid may heat unevenly, causing hot spots
and burns to the child.

It is actually safe to use polycarbonate bottles but with special handling.
Looking forward to use BPA free feedings bottle to my Sufia for her better health protection.

Hajimete no Cloth Diaper~~

Monday, July 7, 2008

Gaya gymnast Sufia wif new pinku BumGenius CD

Last Friday, Cloth Diaper yang aku order online arrived!! Wah seronok sungguh!! (Maybe inilah perasaanya pada suma mommies yang order CD online) hehehe..
Actually, i bought 2 types of CD
1) BUM Genius Pocket Diaper and
2) Heiny Hugger 'M' fitted diaper with Thirties Cover diaper (yang ini sedih sikit sbb order kaler lavender tapi sold out dapat kaler pink..isk!)

So, dapat2 dengan tak sabarnya terus pi pre-wash using sabun 1/4 sudu sabun 'TOP'. Memula dok pikir nak pakai semi-auto machine ke full-auto machine. Oleh kerana only 2 sets (sikit sangat) tak berbaloi pakai full-auto machine so I decided to use semi-auto machine. So masa nak bilas tu angkat diaper yang basah penuh ngan sabun makaih sungguh berat insert dia and fitted diaper tu... It was actually a good sign that those cloth diapers having very good absorbency level...huh! So as usual selesai basuh, sidai and waiting until tomorrow night to wear it to Sufia-chan.

First night (Saturday night)
After mandi petang 5:00pm pakaikan Sufia ngan dispo diaper dulu so tukar to BG Pocket diaper with one insert malam tu start pukul 9:00pm. Wah berani sungguh cubakan Sufia chan ngan only single insert sebab rasa ngan double insert tu too bulky and takut Sufia chan tak biasa lak... Rasa2 daijyoubu kot sebab Sufia bukan heavy wetter... Alamak terbiar Sufia until 12 hours wearing the CD and celik mata terus check bombom Sufia...fuhh lega...no leaking! Sugoi.. tapi insert dia perghh sungguh berat... So Sunday night nak cuba lak fitted diaper kat Sufia

Sunday night
As yesterday night, start jam 9:00pm aku pakaikan Sufia ngan HH fitted diaper lak together with the cover..Quite bulky... And Sufia macam tak selesa (tebal sangat kot)...tapi takpe cuba dulu...Umi bangun pagi 6:00am check bombom Sufia...Oooo very good! No leaking also! But, Sufia poo poo lak...alamak dahla kerja harini... So bergegas abi tukarkan Sufia diaper and umi cepat2 basuh kesan poo poo Sufia..pastuh campak dalam semi-auto machine nenek bersama BG pocket diaper yang Sufia pakai yesterday...

Kesimpulannya, i like pocket diaper more than fitted diaper. Sebab, dari segi pemakaian pocket diaper lebih kemas. And then we can choose either want to use single insert or double insert for heavy wetter. As for Sufia, dia bukan heavy wetter so wear single insert also enuff for her. So tak nampakla bulky sangat. But both also so cute!And pocket diaper is more economic compared to fitted diaper. Shikamo, most pocket diaper is one size type means we can wear it to our baby until they become 15kg weight but most fitted diaper have size which means by certain weight you already cannot wear it to your baby. So nak target to buy more CD (pocket) for Sufia so I can fully CDing my everdearest Sufia or maybe also the next one..;)

Parenting course by Dato' Dr. Hassan Ali

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Alhamdulillah harini aku and hubby attended satu kursus keibubapaan yang disampaikan oleh Dato' Dr. Hassan Mohd Ali ber'title' "IBU BAPA SEBAGAI PEMANGKIN UTAMA KECEMERLANGAN AKADEMIK DAN SAHSIAH ANAK-ANAK". Course dianjurkan oleh Tadika Darul Ilmu(tadika Syaura belajar) bertempat di IOI Palm Villa Golf & Country Resort, Kulai.

Eventho course cuma 4 jam tapi ilmu dan manfaat yang aku and hubby dapat teramat2la besar. Terbuka luas sebentar kepala kami tentang ilmu keibubapaan ni and I realized betapa selama hampir 5 tahun aku jadi ibu, terlalu ceteknya ilmu aku dalam mendidik anak2 aku.

So some tips yang aku dapat and InsyaAllah aku berazam utk amalkannya as below:

1) Ibu bapa sebagai fundamental of the family mainkan peranan yang besar and first sekali ibu bapa mesti ada asas yang kuat iaitu kasih sayang antara suami isteri. Cari ilmu agama amalkan dan beriman terhadapnya.

2) Bapa not necessarily to be garang to anak2 but firm in any decision.

3) Jangan marah anak di depan orang lain dan adik beradiknya. Pilih waktu dan masa yang sesuai utk tegur anak2.

4) Hormati anak2 tidak mengira umur. Walaupun anak masih kecil seawal umur 5 tahun tapi hati mereka juga sudah merasa terguris, kecil hati.

5) Mulakan pendidikan anak2 seawal dari dalam rahim.

6) Jangan merokok di dalam rumah.

7) Haramkan perkataan kesat ex. bodoh, bangang di dalam rumah dan dihadapan anak2.

8) Bapa sebagai pemimpim keluarga mestilah mempunya ilmu yang lebih dari isteri.

9) Amalkan mesyuarat di dalam family walaupun anak2 masih kecil dan briefing ringkas kepada anak2 sebelum apa2 aktiviti utk menggalakkan anak2 menjaga behaviour di tempat or dihadapan orang lain.

10) Ibu bapa perlu bercakap dengan berfikir bukan main lepas sahaja.

11) Bagi orang yang panas baran, banyakkan solat panjangkan sujud untuk elak panas baran terhadap anak2.

12) Tips utk wanita berkerjaya kualiti masa dengan anak2 sgt penting. Tunjukkan kasih syg dengan anak2 peluk cium walaupun masa bersama mereka terhad.

13) Ajarlah lima langkah kasih sayang kepada anak2:

1) Salam ibu, salam bapa

2) Cium ibu, cium bapa

3) Dakap ibu, dakap bapa

4) Cium dahi ibu, cium dahi bapa

5) Ucapkan saya sayang ibu, ucapkan saya sayang bapa di telinga kanan ibu, bapa

Other tips

1) Carilah rumah yang dekat dengan masjid, surau. Semoga keberkatannya masuk di dalam rumah

2) Sebutkan perkataan sayang setiap kali berkomunikasi dengan anak

3) Layan tetamu dengan baik

Semoga aku and hubby memanfaatkan ilmu yang aku dapat. Memang best. Langsung tak ngantuk and berkesan sungguh ilmu ni di hati aku.

semoga masih belum terlambat untuk aku mendidik anak2 aku dengan cara yang betul dan semoga mereka menjadi insan yang cemerlang dan berjaya dunia akhirat.

Dyson futsal & enni@36 weeks~~

Friday, July 4, 2008

*Auntie Enni @ 36weeks*

Tadi Syaura and Sufia wif umi saje dok ikut abi pi main futsal game between Dyson and Panasonic. At the same time, dapatla temankan auntie Enni yang terpaksa ikut hubby dia main futsal (takut apa2 jadi auntie enni sesorang kat umah). Yang bestnya time ni lah dapat tengok auntie enni gemuk...tak pernah tengok dia gemuk sebelum ni..hehehe,,,(jangan mare ye enni)..berat 60kg+... So dua beradik ni jadi pom pom girl la utk abi dia...tapi in between game tu aku ngan enni langsung tak concentrate pun dok cerita pasal breastfeed and breastpump....last2 taktau sape pun yang menang *Pom pom girl (Leader)* Tukang sorak (bising sungguh)

By the way, enni welcome to the club. Any question about BF and pumping bolehlah tanya aku InsyaAllah kalu aku tau aku boleh bantu. Oja pun InsyaAllah boleh gak. Oja lebih berpengalaman hehe...

Aru, nampaknya bertambah sorang lagi pumping buddies kita;)

Penjimatan berganda dengan cloth diaper~~

Thursday, July 3, 2008

cloth diaper arrived

First time aku dengar perkataan cloth diaper and surf about cloth diaper kat beberapa e-store, makaih mahalnya....sehelai Pocket Diaper with 2 inserts mencecah RM80+...perghh berpeluh sekejap....
kalu dispo diaper tu one pack ada 84pcs baru RM30+...but then aku amik calculator and buat kiraan utk jangka masa panjang...

Let say aku start pakaikan sufia cloth diaper dari 7 bulan ni....estimate sufia akan pakai bulan sampai umur 2 tahun setengah and then aku mesti ada 8 sets cloth diaper utk fully pakai cloth diaper siang and malam aku kena spend about


tapi kalu aku pakaikan sufia ngan dispo diaper, one month 2 pack 84pcs sampai umur 2 tahun setengah, and after 2thn setengah dia dah pandai buang air kat toilet just pakai diaper waktu malam sampai umur 4 tahun (macam syaura) kiraan aku camni lak

=30months x RM70

then after 2thn 1/2 pakai dispo waktu malam je sampai umur 4 tahun

=18months x RM35

Total equal to RM 2730.

Wah penjimatan berganda disamping dapat memastikan kesihatan anak2 terjamin. Yelah dok baca ada bahan beracun dalam lampin pakai buang ni jadi takut....

By the way dah order 2 sets of cloth diapers and tak sabar rasanya nak pakaikankat sufia.. kalu best and serasi ingat nak completekan set utk fully cloth diaper for adik Sufia...tak sabarnya....

Rahsia kecantikan wajah part 2~~

Wah, sejak akhir2 ni aku dapat banyak mel pasal kecantikan wajah ni... Mmmm... nak amalkan ke tak amalkan and percaya ngan tak percaya jelah... Dah macam blog utk kecantikan wajah la pulak rasa..hehe.. By the way aku just nak letak kat sini mana tau satu hari aku rajin lak nak amalkan petua2 rahsia kecantikan ni...kalu dah terdelete mel tupun takpe..banyak rahsia awet muda lak tu... macam rasa terperli lak yang muka aku ni makin nampak tua...kihkih....

Petua Awet Muda
Bangun pagi dari tidur...minum air masak @ air kosong 3 gelas sebelum basuh muka @ gosok gigi. Selepas itu barulah bersiap untuk mandi. Amalkan selalu setiap pagi selepas bangun daripada tidur. Senang dan mudah. Cuba dan lihatlah kesannya kerana saya telah mencubanya.

Muka Berseri
Bangun pagi, sebelum air menyentuh mana2 anggota badan, gunakan jari telunjuk dan rautkan menggunakan air bermula dari bawah muka hingga ke dahi disertai dengan selawat. Buat sebanyak 3 kali. Amalkan setiap hari. Insya ALLAH, wajah anda akan berseri2.. Jangan rautkan dari atas ke bawah, sebab ia akan menjadikan wajah cepat kedut. Dan jangan tinggal solat serta baca Alquran dan berwirid.

Sentiasa Muda
Ramai wanita yang ingin nampakmuda walaupun usia sudah mencecah sehingga 35 tahun. Petuanya mudah sahaja,apabila bangun dari tidur, ( jangan gosok gigi ) minum segelas air suam beserta dengan selawat. Insyaallah umur 35 tahun pun masih kelihatan muda 54.

Nampak Muda
Untuk kelihatan sentiasa muda walaupun umur anda telah meningkat dewasa amalkanlah selalu makan ulam kampung. Ia banyak memberi khasiat pada tubuh badan kita. Dan anda juga digalakkan supaya selalu tersenyum walaupun anda sedang menghadapi banyak masalah. Senyum adalah satu sedekah. Selamat mencuba.
Sentiasa Awet Muda
Untuk melihat wajah kita agak muda daripada umur kita, amalkanlah petua saya ini dengan jujur dan ikhlas. Senang sahaja, pertama, setiap kali selepas solat subuh bacalah surah yusuff, kemudian minum air suam sebanyak tiga teguk sahaja. InsyaAllah wajah mu akan kelihatan muda daripada umur sebenar anda.

Kulit Sentiasa Tegang
Basuh muka dengan air. Ambil sebiji putih telor dan sapukan pada muka. Kemudian ambil kapas muka dan letakan pada muka tadi seperti memakai mask selepas itu sapu kembali putih telur tadi di atas kapas muka sehingga basah,biar sehingga sehingga kering Kapas yang melekap di muka akan menjadi seperti topeng muka apabila di buka nanti. Hasilnya kita akan dapat lihat pada topeng itu terdapat headwhite dan kotoran yang terdapat pada muka, amalkan sakali setiap minggu. Pasti wajah anda tidak terdapat jerawat dan kulit akan putih dan lembut.

Muda Jelita Sentiasa
Setiap wanita amat mementingkan kecantikan dan kesihatan diri. Amalan memakan Ulam-Ulam yang segar dan Buah-buahan tempatan dapat membantu kita mengekalkan Kesihatan dan akan kelihatan lebih Muda dari Usia Sebenar. Ulam - ulaman yang saya maksudkan ialah Ulam Pegaga. Amalkan memakan Ulam Pegaga selama beberapa Minggu dan anda akan lihat hasilnya. Ianya juga memberi kesan yang Baik kepada kesihatan dalaman anda. Selamat mencuba petua ini.

Wajah Jelita
Semasa berdandan diwaktu pagi baca selawat nabi dikedua tapak tangan dan raupkan ke muka berserta niat dalam hati supaya di indahkah wajah seperti nabi Yusuf, jangan takbur bila petua ini berkesan dan sampaikan kepada orang lain

Lentikkan dan Lebatkan Bulu Mata dan Kening
Ingin kelihatan cantik , Gunakan Lendir pokok Lidah Buaya dan sapukan pada bulu mata dan kening anda. Insyallah......lakukan berulang-kali untuk mendapat hasil terbaik.