Stock increasing and BPA free bottle~~

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Since Sufia already like to eat so much and she eat quite a lot everyday, my BM stock increasing. It seem like milk become number 2 to her. But it doesn't mean that I don't have to work hard during work time to pump for her. But the problem is it seem like I have to buy more container to store my milk stock. Previously I just store it in normal small baby feeding bottles but need to change to new bottle after every 6 months. Currently I am thinking to switch to BPA free bottle. Maybe I can keep the small bottle as the milk container and use 2 or 3 PBA free as feeding bottles to Sufia. Some famous brand, MAM, Dr. Brownie's a bit expensive than other baby milk bottle but of course safer to my baby.
Some info about how to handle BPA feeding bottles to make sure it is safe for our baby like below:

1) Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and sterilisation of the bottles.
Allow bottles to cool before removing from the steriliser.
2) Always check bottles for damage prior to each use.
a. Bottles must be discarded when they become grazed, scratched internally
or show any other signs of wear.
b. Bottles should not be used for more than 6 months, particularly if they are
heavily used
3) Do NOT fill bottles with boiling water. Water should be boiled then allowed to cool
slightly for no longer than 30 minutes before being added to the bottles.
4) Do not heat in the microwave as the liquid may heat unevenly, causing hot spots
and burns to the child.

It is actually safe to use polycarbonate bottles but with special handling.
Looking forward to use BPA free feedings bottle to my Sufia for her better health protection.


Mummy H&H said...

good news ekk dah boleh stock up EBM... samelah, disbbkan aku dpt produce 5 botol jer waktu siang, starting solid really helps... takdelah dok korek frozen stock lg..

anyway, ko simpan frozen ebm dgn teats (puting) ker? takde sealing disk ker?

mimi said...

Aah aku simpan takde sealing disk..kenapa aru kena ada ke? Tapi botol2 utk frozen EBM tu cuma container je.... Untuk feeding bottle ada khas yang lain tak letak kat atas tu... Alamak ada kesilapan ke?

Mummy H&H said...

ooo,gituu.. kalau utk container jer takpe.. sbb teats tue, sekali dah freeze dah tak berape elok rasenyer...

anyway, pasal BPA kan, aku pon dah "terbeli" set Avent.. gune jerlah kan, sayang plak.. tp, lps tue aku beli MLO nyer botol & playtex liners utk store EBM... ;)

mimi said...

Oooo... pasal tu ke... mak aku dah sound awal2 teats yang nak pakai jangan letak kat freezer nanti keras..hehehe.. bijak jugak orang tua ni yek...

Aku lak korekara nak tukar ke BPA free bottles... Nasib baik ada kedai baby dekat ada banyak choice botol ni...senang nak survey2...hehehe