Biting baby..Ouchh!!~~

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sufia muncung nak tido

If your baby's teeth come in while you are still breastfeeding, you may be bit while nursing. This can happen for a number of reasons: if he or she's biting early in the feeding, he or she might be over-eager or frustrated, waiting for your milk to let down. If he or she bites late in the feeding, he or she may be sleepy and feeling her latch slip. Your baby's latch may also be affected if he or she has a cold or stuffy nose, and he or she may bite while adjusting. And, of course, your baby may just mistake your nipple for a teething ring and try to relieve his or her sore gums.To stop your baby from biting while nursing, calmly and gently remove him or her from your breast and say "Don't bite Mommy" or "Don't hurt Mommy." Put him or her down gently or hand him or her to someone else and wait a minute or two before you try to nurse again. This teaches him or her that when he or she bites, the milk goes away. Repeat this as often as necessary. However, always remain calm if bitten - never scream or yell. Startling or yelling at your baby may form a bad association with breastfeeding and he or she may refuse to feed altogether. Early and sudden weaning can be traumatic for you and your baby.

Oooh baru harini tau, jangan jerit2 kalu kena gigit...kekadang kalu tak tahan siap picit hidung dia nak bagi dia lepaskan..kekeke... nasib baik kalu time ummi jerit2 tu Sufia gelak2 balik pastuh sambung je macam takde pape...Betuah betul!!Mmmmm korekara akan cuba menangani ngan penuh rasa kasih sayang dan lembut setiap kali kena gigit...Boleh ke agaknya..